Skywave Energy and Gas Limited provides cost-effective services in Nigeria’s downstream Oil and Gas sector which is focused on marketing, supply and distribution of refined crude oil products like Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) known as Diesel, PMS Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) known as Fuel, Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) known as Kerosene, Cooking Gas and Lubricants.

We supply companies and corporate outfits with AGO for their generators, engines and diesel operated cars. Our services span a wide client profile which includes mid- to large-sized commercial/industrial consumers; utility companies, construction industry, telecommunications industry, manufacturing industry, federal government parastatals, etc. that demand specialized solutions to meet unique energy requirements.

Looking for a reputable company to place your order(s) for your AGO, PMS, DPK, Lubricants, haulage & Marine Services etc; look no further as WE ARE NIGERIA’S MOST RESPONSIVE SUPPLIERS OF QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

Our response is immediate and we have the capacity to deliver your ordered products to your desired location anywhere in Nigeria. Our Clients enjoy a high level of satisfaction and our drivers supply on time to meet up your needs.

Skywave Energy and Gas Limited have maintained a high level of quality service delivery, adequate quantity supply and uncompromising safety optimization.

We recognize our ability to sustain value growth is dependent on the Company’s ability to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

More About Us

 To maintain high level of quality service delivery, adequate quantity supply and uncompromising safety optimization.

To fully develop the capacity needed to deliver our client’s ordered products to their desired location anywhere in Nigeria.

We market petroleum products such as AGO, DPK and PMS for bulk importers. Our clientele in this regard are suppliers and retailers.

We provide Diesel, Kerosene, Cooking Gas and Lubricant supply services to end consumers within Lagos State. Our clientele in this area are industries, residential estates, hotels, shipping companies, banks, governmental organizations, hospitals, religious organizations, major transporters and telecoms companies.

We have range of tanker trucks to distribute purchased petroleum products to different locations. Our range of long trucks with 33, 000 liters capacity operates Lagos and other parts of the country while our range of short trucks (Peddlers) with 20, 000 – 5, 000 liters operates only in Lagos, Ogun and Ondo state. Our clientele here are retailers and suppliers.